I'm Rebekah 

I created this blog so that curious and eager young adults could begin to learn about financial literacy (so they can build wealth) and discover how to practice self care.


I know how tiring and overwhelming it is to learn everything on your own.

Changing your money mindset | Financial guide

What is Blissful Wallet?

Blissful Wallet was created for the blooming adult looking

to take control of their finances so that their path to building wealth and independence becomes easy.


All while practicing easy self care because we all deserve to have a mind ready to handle all of our new found money.

Let's take the stress out of money and change our money mindsets


Frustrated by not having enough money for experiences?

Blissful Wallet aspires to assist people like YOU to live beyond what your environment said was possible. Say goodbye to 

the self doubt and comparison

that left you wondering where you went wrong, and why you couldn’t manifest all of the things you desired. 

This money saving blog is more than just about budgeting; it's about reclaiming your life as a whole. 

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  •      being able to buy what you  need and want

  •     mastering the art of shopping smartly

  •     making a connection between your emotions and spending

  •     adapting healthy ways to adult properly

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I believe

You are more than worthy of a life full of things that make you radiate uncensored happiness. 


You already light up a room when you walk in. 

and TOGETHER we can reach your true financial potential.

Keep your head up and know that you’re not alone. Together we can give you a Blissful Wallet, full of all of the tools you’ll need to enjoy your journey of living free.

Blissful Wallet by Rebekah Gamble 2020

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