I'm Rebekah and if college has taught me nothing else, I learned that it is important to save your money.


At one point my spending increased to where the only luxury I could afford was buying cafeteria food. Sad, I know.


I was unsatisfied with the state of my bank account and the mental funk it was putting me in. 

To top it off college was single handily boxing the floor from underneath me.

We have to sacrifice time, money and often our own happiness for the sake of grades. In the end we walk away with a degree but what have we lost in between?

The Art of Selfcare

I was novice when it came to finding a balance between my desire to succeed and my own wellbeing. After a hard semester I sat and considered how much of myself I was willing to give up to achieve all A's. 


My goals changed. I learned to love my GPA even though it wasn't a 3.8 and go to sleep when I was tired. I realize there's more to life than a classroom and homework. I want to look back and see all of the opportunities I took advantage of.  


To work consistently to care for myself and make my needs a priority along with everything else.


What Can I Offer?

When I told my dad about my blog idea he said it would be great because I loved to talk. The truth is I love to be heard. 

Every post is written to speak to a version of ourselves that hasn't met the world yet. It's wonderful and rewarding to budget and save so that future you can be happy.


But taking care of present you, because it's deserved, is just as essential. 

Balancing isn't always easy but it's achievable and as I learn and witness the beauty of new habits I would love if you did too! 

Until Next Time! Let's stay in touch.

Blissful Wallet by Rebekah Gamble 2020