Hi I'm Rebekah the creator of Blissful Wallet. The last few years were a tale of being broke, anxious, stressed and desperate for relief. I knew how to save a dollar but when it came to thinking of ways to make my money work for me, I drew a blank. It wasn't until I started looking up ways to use my student discounts, boost my credit, and learn more ways to adult that I felt clarity.

Blissful Wallet was created so that you could have an easy to read website packed with useful information. With a solid foundation of basic financial literacy you can build wealth and start teaching others. 

Two principals for a simple life

  1. Stop sacrificing sleep for a job that could fire you tomorrow

  2. Paying bills before we stash $20 for a rainy day is not how you build wealth.


These two principals changed my life because we have to live today with our future self in mind. The sooner we learn it is okay to be selfish and refill our own cups the happier we will all be. How can you take care of the world if you struggle to take care of yourself?


Living by the words I speak

This blog has allowed me to reach people like you who are looking to learn and become the best version of themselves. Together we can implement financial habits ​and practice self care without feeling guilty.

 I recognize my emotions, set boundaries, and reflect on what I do and don't want in life and you can too.


My money has a purpose. My shell is opening and the world is starting to look the way it did when I was a kid; an endless sea of possibility. 

Where To Start?

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