Book Recommendations

Reading a great form of self-care! Below you will find a living list of amazing book recommendations. Each book is about combatting anxiety, living your best life, being kind to yourself or managing your money! 

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Smart Women Finish Rich

A simple guide post women can follow to understand their finances

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Learn the lessons taught by two fathers. Including what happens when you rely on one stream of income and how rich people habits promote financial freedom.

Rich Dads Guide To Investing

A in-depth guide at what the average and above average investor should know when it comes to investing. This is a guide for investing it does not have a strategy to implement.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

A step by step guide on exactly how you can implement rich people habits.

You are a Badass at Making Money

A motivational casual read for the basics of personal finance with a hint of humor.

The Simple Path to Wealth

A guide for beginner investors and those looking to pay off debt and take control of their finances.

Clever Girl Finance

A book on the basics of financial literacy written for women.

You are a Badass

Looking for a casual motivation book written with young adults in mind? Get ready to feel empowered and prepared with this book.

Emotional Detox

7 steps to releasing toxic energy and reclaiming your life

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

A therapist and her therapist. A funny quick read that helps you to understand what goes on in the mind of a therapist and how we can all use someone to listen to us.

Don't Feed The Monkey Mind

A great book for learning how to break the cycle of anxiety.

UnF*ck Your Brain

If you don't mind adult language this book will help you understand what are triggers, anxiety, PTSD, Depression and how to take back control of your mind.

The Gifts Of Imperfection

A guide to wholehearted living by New York Times best selling author Brene' Brown.

Atomic Habits

How to change your habits and start to live a life where you can do more and own your time again.