11 Obvious Signs You Need a Lifestyle Change

11 signs you need a lifestyle shift

Majority of us could use a lifestyle change sooner rather than later.

It could it be the familiar feeling of a new year approaching or maybe you asked the universe for a sign that you're going down the right path.

Understanding how you feel is equally as important as why you feel it.

I can always tell when life is calling for change because my moods begin to shift suddenly, I lack inspiration, and self-judgement becomes my number one enemy.

If you're wondering how can you begin to notice signs that you need a lifestyle shift, we first have to understand what a lifestyle change is.  

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What is a lifestyle change?

A lifestyle change is a shift in behaviors or attitude in order to live a better life. When you remove people, places, and things that no longer suit you, you are indulging in a lifestyle change.

Also adding healthy behaviors to your daily regimen such as practicing self care, doing meditation, or managing your finances can improve your quality of life.

Now that you understand what a lifestyle shift is the next step is to determine what it can look like.

How can I tell if I need a lifestyle shift?

You wake up tired and unhappy

Exhausted by the thought of people, places and things? You might even find yourself googling questions you once found ridiculous. If you acknowledge that your every day routine is causing turmoil, it’s time to shake things up. 

Everything is routine

Some patterns are necessary.

This sign refers to when you can constantly predict what will happen next. If you still get a kick out of finishing your partners sentences, then by no means fix something that isn't broken.

But if you lose track of time because every day is like the one before then this one is for you.

The little things irritate you

This is a big predictor that something is stirring inside of you.

Ask yourself why did what happen bother you and work toward understanding your triggers, the things that cause your body to react.

The more you process your reaction, the easier it will be to work through it. 

How to live life on your own terms

You're bitter

When I was thrown off by the achievements of those around me, I knew something was wrong. My affection never changed but I found myself wondering about my own capabilities. 

If this sounds familiar then it’s okay, it can be conquered as well.

You put up with too much

If you lack boundaries and are not being respected in your household, work environment, or within your inner circle, it's time to put your foot down.

When it begins to feel uncomfortable to do things differently, just breathe.

Take a second to remember why that boundary exist. It also helps to focus on this when the feelings of doubt start to kick in.

You daydream of a better life 

I found myself hating my first job. I was unenthusiatic to go to work and my shifts seemed to drag. Anytime there wasn’t a customer at my register, I would think about being somewhere else. 

I felt out of place and my work environment wasn’t pleasant.

You recognize everything wrong with your job

Have you noticed that when you’re newly hired everything seems bright and shiny?

Coworkers are on their best behavior, you don’t know enough about the job yet to see any errors, and you may not be relied on as much.