11 Simple and Easy Tips for Starting a Successful Christmas Fund

Taking the stress out of holiday shopping with a Christmas fund is the best way to celebrate! 11 simple and easy ways to take control of the holiday season and decrease financial anxiety will make holiday shopping fun and exciting instead of financially exhausting.

Christmas is fast approaching and while there are other holidays in between, Christmas is usually the one that leaves our wallets gasping for air. We wait until the last second to start shopping because we want to use a specific paycheck and then stress and anxiety kicks in because we start to second guess what we bought. While the meaning of Christmas is so much more than simply buying material items and shouldn't have long lasting financial effects, it often does.

It is the day that prompts us to make jokes like "I'm still broke from last Christmas" and while said with humor, it is very much a reality. One Christmas season, I had one fund that was an accumulation of random $20's, $50's and coins and this was all I had to my name.

If I was backed up on bills, needed spending money, or was loaning money to someone else, everything was out of this one area. So when I did my shopping and spent between $500 - $1000 on gifts my emergency fund/ sinking funds/ Christmas fund was empty.