15 Creative Ways To Save Money In College

Movies place a glossy film on the realities of going to college.

You will not juggle activities the way you used to in high school and this is a fact that many of us will learn the hard way.

Good news is that the sappy advice "Everything get's better with time" is right. Junior year, while still intimidating, doesn't have the same effect it once did.

As I tackled new experiences I realized that I was spending money faster than I received it. I was on a slippery slope and the only way to get off was to increase my money intelligence.

In preparation for a new school year I want to share 15 simple and clever lessons on making the money you have last longer.

Research the cost of tuition.

A private college like NYU can cost around 27k for a 15 credit semester. If you want to go to Graduate school, it is recommended that you choose a college that offers a cheaper Undergraduate degree.

We can debate over debt later but one thing is always true, the less you owe the better.

Avoid living on campus

Not only will you have to pay a massive amount for residency but you will also have to watch out for tuition.

By living at home you aren't as responsible for bills and you can focus on your studies.

Still want to move out? Check out the next tip.

Live within your means

Do not buy an apartment that you can not afford.

Use your search engine and find places with affordable rent. You're in college to gain access to better opportunities and your first apartment does not have to be your last.

Apply for financial aid

Growing up I didn't have a plan for college besides the fact that I was going.

I was fortunate to receive FAFSA and TAP and even outside aid due to my academics.

This money not only covered an entire academic year but it allowed me to receive a refund check and advance for my books. Can't go wrong with free money!

Apply for scholarships

My high school gave me money for ranking #2 in my graduating class.

You can also check out any Honor Programs that are offered and apply for scholarships!