Self Care on a Budget: 15 FREE self care ideas

If you’re looking for an easy way to take yourself and recharge your battery without spending a dime then keep reading because the following tips are completely free.

You’ve probably found other “free” self care tips and rolled your eyes because they actually do cost an earlier investment.

($8.50 bubble bath and $20 candles anyone?)

But keep reading because each of the 15 easy simple FREE self care tips below will not cost you penny.

To build a concrete desire for self care let's discuss why people indulge in self care activities

This is a guest post by Mrs. A. Grace Martin scroll until the end for more information on this guest blogger!

Let’s start with our motivation.

Why do some people practice self care?

There has to be a solid “why” for your self care no matter how small.


Some people use money as a motivator. Buying a self care product or service and guilting themselves into using it because it cost so much.

However, since these tips are free, you might find the next reason to be something you can identify with.

Self care can be a fun challenge

How much pleasure and value can you build from these simple techniques?

Start right now with rating your sense of peace, calm, relaxation, energy, and rejuvenation on a scale of 1 to 10.

After you’ve done one thing for your self care, check in and repeat. Since there is no financial limit on these activities, you can easily choose to do three a day.

Yup, three things a day.

That’s my challenge to you. Choose three things from this list to enjoy TODAY.