18 Money Lessons I wish I knew before I turned 18

Money moves are essential for every growing 18 year old, and the earlier you grasp financial lessons the better. Growing up doesn't have to mean constant stress and worry. It can look like gently preparing yourself, for all that is to come, in the form of financial security and awareness.

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Money moves for 18 year olds

Theres a sense of security that comes with having your own money. I experienced this feeling at a young age and even if my savings only had $86 dollars, I knew it was mine.

I felt completely prepared for the glitz and glam of adulting until I turned 18, and learned the hard way that the way books and movies told the story of life wasn't true.

Keep reading to find out 18 money lessons I wish I knew at 18 that would have made my transition into the real world easier.

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