20 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self - Personal Finance and Self-Care tips

A new year, birthdays, and even the start of a new decade causes us to reflect on the past, look at how far we have come, and think of all of the things we would tell our younger selves. If you had a chance to tell the younger version of yourself some encouraging words what would it be?

Would you tell them to keep going although life circumstances may seem hard? Or would you forgo all forms of encouraging advice and opt for influencing how soon they start to learn new skills and take on challenges?

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Even if you are only in your twenties, you can look back on when you were 11 and remember past struggles. Whether it was family issues or just not having the cash to purchase games, you were out there trying to navigate life as a blooming young adult.

In the spirit of a new fresh year full of new year's resolutions and opportunities to shift our lives, this blog post has 20 simple pieces of advice that successful content creators, small business owners, mindful coaches, and financial literacy teachers have to say.

If any of the advice resonates with you majority of the pieces below have a link to the social media or website of the author.

She’sOnABudget - connect via IG

You’re not bad with money, you can’t be bad at something you haven’t been taught about.

Mackenzie - Check out her website

First of all, sunscreen. Always sunscreen. Even if you're inside all day. Sunscreen. TRUST ME. Second, don't be married to any one idea, person, or place right now. You are in your explore phase so go explore. Make mistakes. It's fine. Save some money yes, and invest as often as you can. But don't ever be afraid to change direction and explore something new.

Charlese - Connect on Ig

Start investing in a Roth IRA immediately. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself - $50 for an ebook can give you valuable knowledge. Know where your money is going - analyze your spending and spending habits early.

Nathan Kennedy - Connect on Ig

1. Start consuming financial content ASAP!

2. Write out your Income / Expenses.

3. Analyze your current money situation.

4. Write out your SMART goals.

5. Create a FLEXIBLE budget that ladders to your goals.

6. Pick a system to monitor your progress.

7. Automate your finances by setting up auto deductions.

Andrew - Connect on IG

Start taking your finances seriously!

Don't just blow all of your money on materialistic things like shoes or phones. The earlier you start caring about your finances the better off you'll be in the future. I think something to think about is that you'll never find anyone complain or regret that they started caring about their finances. They only regret that they started later on in their life.

So, don't put it off until you come to the realization that it's too late!

Jean-Luc - Connect on IG

The best advice I’d give someone in their 20s is to learn a high income skill. There is a lot of free information and resources out there that you can use to learn skills like programming or graphic design or sales that you can monetize to make your own income.

Victoria - Connect on IG

Learn how to save your money and don't buy too many materialistic things. Budget! Keep an eye on the inflows and outflows of cash, and think long term of what you need the money for.

Lynn Marie - Connect on IG

My advice would be to have an emergency fund. An emergency fund is money saved for unexpected life expenses. Start with a beginner emergency fund and build up to 3-6 months of living expenses. I highly recommend Dave’s Ramsey book Total Money Makeover.


Take time to learn how to invest your money. Then use the money to teach and inspire your friends.

Moe - Check out her website

It is so easy to see someone else’s success and think you aren’t deserving or become envious over their success. However, the truth of the matter is, you never know where someone starts or what they went through to get to where they are.

Trust the process. Trust YOUR process and realize that everything you’re going through is for the greater good. Every mistake and every lesson you learn will benefit you in getting to your final destination. Don’t quit.

Daphne - Connect on Linktr.ee

Save money! I know it sounds so basic but it is true.

If you want to ultimately control your lifestyle, having the finds to live off of for a while is important. Invest in a retirement fund now and set money from every paycheck aside as savings. It will add up!

My 2020 Covid layoff was a blessing. I was able to (knowing I have savings and retirement funds) take time to build a blog into a business and start semi-retirement at age 49.

Tiffany - Connect via IG

Learning good mon