27 Ways To Practice Self Care (Under 10 Minutes)

How do you practice self-care when you’re busy with life? Having a self care list that you can pull out when you feel like rejuvenating yourself is essential.

Self-care doesn’t have to always include a long bubble bath with cucumber slices, music, and wine.

Often it looks like saying no to commitments that can overwhelm you or waking up a few minutes earlier so that you can get mentally prepared for the day.

Self care list | Woman doing yoga | How can you take care of yourself?
A self care list is essential to putting yourself first

Self care for me is a combination of quiet time, self expression, and mindfulness.

As a college student and part-time worker my days prior to prioritizing self-care were stressful if not draining.

I can imagine that you are going through stressful times as well and I hope by the end of this self care list you feel more prepared to practice self care.

This blog post is in collaboration with Evie From LaMalaMujer.com and together we worked to bring you guys 27 quick and easy self care activities that you can do in between shifts, classes, or any time you need to dedicate a few minutes to yourself.

Self-Care Activities Under 10 Minutes

Shift your mindset

1. Practice gratitude

The first thing I do when I wake up is express how grateful I am to be alive.

By allowing myself to not complain about how I need more sleep or how I really don’t want to get up I have effectively begun my day on the right foot.

Another way you can express gratitude is by celebrating a daily win.

This can look like “I’m glad I bought that ice cream on sale” or “I handled a stressful day at work well.”

2. Practice saying affirmations

A great way to step back from a chaotic day is to honor yourself by saying affirmations out loud.

An affirmation is any positive saying that helps you get through the day or task. When I feel overwhelmed I like saying “I am capable of managing several different priorities” or “I am a badass and I will learn to manage these tasks efficiently”.

If saying positive things about yourself feels weird, I want you to focus on maybe why that is.