27 Ways To Practice Self Care (Under 10 Minutes)

How do you practice self-care when you’re busy with life? Having a self care list that you can pull out when you feel like rejuvenating yourself is essential.

Self-care doesn’t have to always include a long bubble bath with cucumber slices, music, and wine.

Often it looks like saying no to commitments that can overwhelm you or waking up a few minutes earlier so that you can get mentally prepared for the day.

Self care list | Woman doing yoga | How can you take care of yourself?
A self care list is essential to putting yourself first

Self care for me is a combination of quiet time, self expression, and mindfulness.

As a college student and part-time worker my days prior to prioritizing self-care were stressful if not draining.

I can imagine that you are going through stressful times as well and I hope by the end of this self care list you feel more prepared to practice self care.


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Self-Care Activities Under 10 Minutes

Shift your mindset

1. Practice gratitude

The first thing I do when I wake up is express how grateful I am to be alive.

By allowing myself to not complain about how I need more sleep or how I really don’t want to get up I have effectively begun my day on the right foot.

Another way you can express gratitude is by celebrating a daily win.

This can look like “I’m glad I bought that ice cream on sale” or “I handled a stressful day at work well.”

2. Practice saying affirmations

A great way to step back from a chaotic day is to honor yourself by saying affirmations out loud.

An affirmation is any positive saying that helps you get through the day or task. When I feel overwhelmed I like saying “I am capable of managing several different priorities” or “I am a badass and I will learn to manage these tasks efficiently”.

If saying positive things about yourself feels weird, I want you to focus on maybe why that is.

You might have some deeply rooted limiting beliefs about yourself.

Self care list with positive words. I am resilient. I am growing. I am enough. I am kind. I can do anything.
Using self care list as a way to express gratitude

3. Journal

Journaling is a great way to practice self-care and step away from a busy schedule.

Some great journal prompts are:

  • What am I grateful for today?

  • What emotion best describes how I feel about the day?

  • What has been on my mind a lot today?

  • What can I do for myself today that will make me feel better?

4. Send a mental love letter

I like to do this exercise in the morning as I begin my day.

It’s a great way to set your intention for the day. I think about one person who I feel like could use good vibes, and I write them a short love letter.

It doesn’t need to be anyone you know. For example, the other day I went to the bank and I saw a woman who seemed very stressed out over some unauthorized transaction that occurred on her account. The next morning, I thought of her and wrote some kind words and wishes for her in my journal.

Giving love to others (even when they’ll never know about it) is a great way to welcome more positivity and love into your life.

I love to practice self-care in this way.