38 Free Self Care Things You Can Do To Destress and Relax

Being busy or not having enough time is always the top reason for why we stop taking care of ourselves. Self care can be priority, easy simple and best of all cheap. Being mindful of the little things we do each and every day can help build our self love and increase our self care.

College has been taking me for a roller coaster ride and not letting me off the path of assignments, stress, and teacher expectations. For those who are unfamiliar, I am currently in my Junior year of remote learning and my professors have revitalized what it means to be in an online college.

Needless to say as a science major that my course load is intense. As I gear up for finale exams and projects, it has been a journey to understand what taking care of myself actually means.

My grades are important to me, I have big goals that revolve around maintaining a high GPA. For me it makes the difference between being accepted into a graduate school I can pay out of pocket for or one that will need a massive loan.

That's enough pressure to keep anyone on their toes. It's important to me that I go to bed knowing portions of my day were dedicated to my mind, body, and soul since college has ramped up the stressors in my life.

Keep reading to find out some of the self care things I do during a busy day to make it through a stressful time.

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Go to bed at a specific time

The more rest you can give your body the better. You can't expect to be your best productive self while running on 4 hours of sleep.

Use an app to remind you when it's time for bed, and wake you up the next day.

Bed time app on iPhone

Make up your bed

It helps to get your body out of sleep mode and the room looks more organized.

A decluttered room can declutter your mind.

Wake up earlier

I wake up an hour before my alarm has to go off to ensure I have time to journal, read my book or sit and do nothing. The time before your shift starts, or your family wakes up is precious and should always be spent catering to your needs.

Take a nice shower