6 Ways To Save Money On Gifts

Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, and every other occasion where you have to bring a gift can increase the pressure that you feel. Yes, we want to celebrate with our loved ones and coworkers but what do we buy them?

The goal is always to make them feel appreciated without breaking the bank, going over budget or using our credit card for something that we couldn't afford to pay off right then and there.

My favorite holiday of all time is Christmas and I spend months thinking of what present I will buy each person in my family so that I can maximize the deals I get, stay on budget, and even ease my stress because I won't be doing last minute shopping.

how to save money during the holidays

According to Alliant it was expected that in 2020 Americans would spend just under 30 billion all together on holiday expenses. On average this was about $997.79 per person.

This year for Christmas I saved months in advance by using a Christmas Fund.

After the holiday season, I begin to think about all of the fun birthday dates and activities that I could do at 16, 17,18, and now 21 years old.

My birthday in January will not include the same fun activities that it did in past years but I'll use the same money saving tips to build my sinking fund.

It is a blessing to be able to buy or do what you want without worrying if it will be all the money that you had put away for a rainy day.

Keep reading to find out 6 ways to buy someone a gift they will love even when you're short on cash.

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How to save money on gifts

But in a world where having several bank accounts, checking accounts and using a cash system is possible, you can try your hardest to expect the unexpected when it comes to finances.

To begin you always want to think about the time frame.

When is the event? Do you get paid right before you should be giving it to someone?

Are you okay with easy heartwarming DIY gifts and if yes how much time and supplies will you need?

Knowing your audience can help narrow down when to start buying and help you figure out what you are getting.

Determine who you are buying a gift for

Of course it's simple if it's just one birthday in May.

But many times we read post about holiday, birthday, and anniversary gift ideas and saving tips because there's more than one person we will be buying tokens of appreciation for in the next 365 days.

A friend of mine has 3 birthdays right after Christmas to buy gifts for and knowing this ahead of time prepares her mentally for how she will have to budget her paychecks.

Ask what they want

Every year I ask my family what they want and every year they tell me the same answer.


You know what I like.

And as frustrating as this response can be because I was looking for inspiration, it doesn't stop me from being able to buy the best gifts —even when I was broke. Listen deeply in your conversations with them.

Are they complaining about a broken appliance? Does your sibling mention how they love to wear sweaters and need a new pair of shoes?

Often the words spoken naturally are all you need to figure out what to buy even on short notice.

Consider buying second hand gifts

For someone who appreciates fashion and odd trinkets or knows the value of certain collectibles, going to a thrift shop can be great and a unique experience. Keeping mind you know the person you are buying a gift for.

When deciding when it's okay to buy a used or previously purchased item, just think of whether or not they would find it cool.

If they have always worn name brand items and shop for the latest in trend products maybe it's not the best time to test the waters of buying from a thrift shop.

Choose a budget

Now you know who you are buying a gift for, you wrote down their names or circled the date of your coworkers birthday in your planner it's time to calculate how you will spend your funds.

Pull out your calendar and see how many paychecks you will get between now and the date of the event.

Is there enough time to factor in shipping if you wait until closer to the day or will you need to shop in person?

Create a simple budget

You can use the no-budget budget and as you write down your expenses for the month you begin saving for the gift or planner to buy it, you can factor in the price of your item.