8 Things To Do In Your (early) 20s To Be Successful

What should I be doing in my 20’s? The good (yet anxiety filled) answer is that there are endless amounts of things to do in your 20s, that can help you live an amazing happy life.

Becoming a 20something is a moment I remember looking forward to all my life. No longer subject to the rules of my parents house, but still not aged enough for people to start thinking of me as old (Whew!)

There are a lot of things people tell you that you should have figured out by the time you’ve hit age 20something, but the truth is, someone else’s path will never be yours to take.

So if you asked if I had any regrets on the path I’ve decided to take to date, my answer would be simple,no.

Through every moment, every setback, every good and bad day, I’ve learned something that has helped me to become the person I am today.

So no, I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you’re here today for a push in the right direction of what you should be doing in your twenties, my short answer would be to focus on the things that bring you happiness.

Unfortunately however, if you’ve made it to age 20something, happiness won’t be your only worry.

You’ll need to think about finding a job that gives you experience, new ways to cope with stress and of course finding the strength to let go of lifelong friendships that no longer serve your best interest.

This post is in collaboration with Juanique from SurvivingYourTwentysomethings.com.

Keep reading to find out 8 things you’ll need to do in your 20s to live a happy life.

What should you know in your 20s?

Life is going to move forward and you will have to adjust time after time. It’s a beautiful path of figuring yourself out and letting go of habits that no longer benefit you.

In your twenties you should

  1. Put energy into relationships that make you happy

  2. Start to heal from your past

  3. Believe the world is full of opportunities and not only chaos

The best advice for your 20s is to believe that you deserve people who care for you, and no matter what background you come from, you can have a life where you inspire others and build wealth.

8 Things To Do In Your 20s

1. Understand that things will change

Your likes will change, your dislikes will change, and you will be a better person for it. There’s a lot of pressure regarding how you should have EVERYTHING figured everything out in your twenties but you don’t have to.

Instead, work on learning what your values are and live your life so that you can experience them more.