7 Amazing Tips for Dealing With Financial Anxiety

New coping strategies for anxiety can be the key to living a calmer life. A life where you do not have the urge to over-plan and constantly worry all the time. With millions of people suffering from a mental illness of some sorts, many have anxiety and don’t even know it.

There isn’t one exact way to start coping with negative thoughts or the desire to go shopping (when you don’t have any money) but there are multiple things you can test out.

Once you find one thing that works, continue on searching for others. Building an effective tool kit full of tips to help with anxiety is the best way to feel some relief from the jitters and racing heart.

Eventually you will have a list of things you say, do, and won’t do when you’re considering coping strategies for financial anxiety AKA an official GROWING coping kit.

A coping kit is essentially a literal or figurative box that you turn to when you are feeling financially anxious.