How To Do Acrylic Nails At Home For Cheap

Getting your nails done can be expensive. Why give your hard earned cash to someone else when you can learn to do nails yourself. Here are 13 things I considered and learned as I started doing my own nails. *All product opinions are mine, this post does NOT contain affiliate links*

Since Coronavirus body slammed the world in 2020 my life has been a little different. For starters, I stopped paying others to do services I could do myself.

I am a lover of delicate things and being pampered when I get my nails done means a lot to me. It's self care made easy. All of my stress from the day is given a hiatus as I focus on my hands for an hour.

I stay positive even if the technician skips my cuticles and forgets to put on lotion.

And then as i'm drying my nails, I notice that 3 busses have passed the shop. At that point I focus on how long I'll be standing outside until the next one comes.

That part is always disappointing.

When NYC became a ghost town due to quarantine I was left with chipped polish and outgrown acrylic. Suddenly I had an idea and I turned my room into a DIY nail salon.

Here's a quick guide to starting your own DIY acrylic nail journey, and a few things you should consider along the way.

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Watch YOUTUBE videos

Always start with Youtube.

I found LongHairPrettyNails and she tries everything. She influenced me to buy my first Poly gel set.

I bought this kit and while the product only stayed on my nails for about a week, it's good for beginners.

It is easier to manipulate than acrylic and allows you to get used to the process involved in nail application.

The cool part about this set is that it comes with

  • Nails

  • A Brush