How to Prevent Burn Out

Burn out is a feeling that effects your body and mind while making it hard to get up in the morning.

what is burn out?

Burn out can be prevented by making a few simple lifestyle shifts but many of don't realize that it's happening. Our morning routine of complaining about work, friends, the news, and everything happening around us is normalized. We forget that while it may be challenging and frustrating to job hunt, that we can switch jobs.

We do not have to continue going to class for a major that we hate. And that while adulting is hard and life can be unfair it does not mean you are bound to suffer 24/7.

It is up to us to recognize what burn out looks like and how we can prevent burnout in the future. Once we learn the signs of burn out we can begin to live differently.

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What does burn out look like?


You struggle to finish task and as you do them you're plagued by feelings of negativity. Thoughts of why are you doing this and how you would rather be doing anything else bounce around your mind and settle.


Similar to when you need a lifestyle change, you lash out at the people around you when they ask for your assistance.


Sighs of hopelessness escape you as you have trouble envisioning an achievable, different set of circumstances.


You don't enjoy hanging out with friends as much as you once did. Possibly shutting yourself off to your loved ones and friends because you think that no one understands you

Prone to emotional outburst

The littelest things set you off and you have trouble regulating your emotions. After feeling angry, guilt or even shame may come because of how you initially reacted. What you may have viewed as minor is now enough to make you cry, or want to shut down for the day.

Some of the symptoms, like acting on emotions, can mirror anxiety too.


Being tired both mentally and physically are huge signals that something has to change.

Hitting 8 hours of sleep and still feeling groggy is a sign that your body is trying to tell you something. Obstacles are no longer a small stepping stone and you eventually begin to wonder why life is treating you in such a way

You question your life decisions

Ruminating over thoughts, regarding whether you should have chose a different major or picked other people to have romantic/platonic relationships with, can begin to feel like an endless cycle.

Lack of productivity

Everything feels like a chore.

Your daily task seem to drag and there's a lack of motivation and inspiration behind the things that surround you. You don't want to clean, do your homework, or carry out your work duties.

When you recognize that you feel bothered it may make you feel worse as judgmental thoughts start occurring.

Decrease sense of accomplishments

The idea that everything you do could be better or is not enough.

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Now that you identify with one or more of the traits, let's see what changes you can make.

How can I prevent Burn Out?

Accept how you feel

Emotions are like visitors who show up at your door unannounced. Whether or not you choose to let them in your house, they are still there.

You give them more power when you try to suppress them. Take a second, breathe. If you are irritable over someone asking you to do something, remind yourself it is just a feeling and feelings always pass.

Read our post on boundaries, so that next time you are asked, you can respond in a way that makes you feel heard.

Stop labeling feelings as good or bad

All emotions have a bright side. Anger can push you toward change, stress can push you to get something done.

Try to recognize when the feelings occur

Maybe it's when you bring up a specific subject at work, or when things are hard and challenging at home.