How To Set SMART Financial Goals

Financial goals can help you to adapt to new habits with ease. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and unprepared you can achieve the life you want by figuring out what is the best course of action.

When I first wrote about why everyone should use smart goals, I began to think of specific ways this could relate to someones debt free/ financial awareness journey.

You always want to make your ideas something that you can visualize in your head and actively work toward. SMART goals are one of many methods you can use to get your credit in check, balance your paychecks, and reduce stress caused by financial worries.

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What are SMART goals?






It is a method used to organize your goals while breaking them down into manageable bits. One of the reason why goals fail or seem unachiebvable is because we want to do something without thinking of what it entitles.

Lets say you want to raise your credit score but you have 8 different maxed out cards. Your goal if you don't use the SMART method sounds like "I'll clear the balances"

But if it were that simple you would of did it already. You have to buckle down and figure out where your money is coming from, which areas of spending you have wiggle room, and if you stick to your budget, how long will this take you? You'll be organized, prepared, and ready to tackle each card.

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How can I do it?

Get specific

There are multiple examples that you can follow but make a goal that fits your desires and what you can do.They are not separate. You can make changes without turning your life upside down.

"Save $500 by the second week in December"
"Raise my credit score within 6 months"
"Save the amount needed for a car downpayment by the end of the month"
"Pay off my loan in two years"

Make sure it's measurable

The goal should clearly be identified as achieved or not.

Yes, I reached my savings goal.


No, I did not bring lunch every day this week.