12 Money Moves EVERY 18 Year Old Should Make

When it comes to money moves to make when you’re 18 they all boil down to one idea; start doing things to make you happier.

Making the most of your 20s will depend on what choices you make at 18, after graduating high school or getting your GED.

If the idea of answering what will you do for the rest of your life gives you anxiety and makes you feel flustered, you are not alone.

18 money moves every 18 year old should make

There is not one 18 year old out there that really knows how decades of their life will play out, but they can surely dream and set goals.

Along with setting goals, cultivating happy healthy relationships will be essential to building bonds that are good for your soul and networking circle.

Today we’re going to talk about life after high school, keep reading to find out 12 money moves you can make at 18 years old.

Key takeaways:

1. Set goals

2. Do things that make you happier

3. Form happy healthy relationships

1. Understand your expenses

Make a budget

When making the most of your 20s, one of the biggest money moves you can make EVER is knowing where your money is going.

If the idea of having a strict budget or even monitoring every single dollar scares you, you’re not alone.

I love the idea of having a loose budget where I can still buy food out, or go to Barnes and Nobles without having to check if I included it in that weeks budget.

You can budget and still have a lifestyle that includes doing things to make you happier.

You guys can read about creating a no budget- budget by clicking the link below.

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The jist of the no budget-budget is to automate your savings followed by bills, write down any expected expenses, and see how much money is left over.

The remaining funds can spent, saved, or invested.

Intentionally don't spend money

Some people have intentional no spend days. I personally like the idea of just saying it’s Saturday, I’m staying home, I will not go on Amazon and I will make sure to eat a frozen pizza before I order uber eats.

That statement alone can save you at least $20.

Saving money and spending wisely are money moves you should make every single day.

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2. Figure out how you’re going to pay for college

By now you’re either set to graduate high school or you’re planning ahead for life after high school.

One of the biggest decisions students and young adults make is whether or not they will go to college and where.

I went to a CUNY college where the tuition was no more than $3,465 per semester, not including fees, and I was lucky enough to qualify for full financial aid and scholarships.

But prior to loving my current college, I had big dreams of going away to a state school followed by attending the prestigious NYU private college where the tuition is $27,440 per semester, for the major I wanted.

Tuition per semester at NYU: Note these are updated 2020-2021 prices | How to choose the right college | Happy healthy relationship in college.
Tuition per semester at NYU: Note these are updated 2020-2021 prices

I encourage you to consider what going to college could mean in regards to debt.

Not everyone has a college fund waiting for them or qualifies for full financial aid so taking out a loan for some, is inevitable.

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