Must Read Books For Personal Growth

When was the last time you said to yourself I really could use a good book recommendation?

A book that boosted your spirits and made you want to keep thinking in your head just one more chapter. A self-care book that teaches you how to unlearn old habits and anxious tendencies.

As an avid book lover myself with a history of flying through long chapter books, it has been fulfilling to enter a new domain of genres.

I now head to the self-help book section and look for bright colors and books with catchy titles. But I also enjoy picking up book covers I normally wouldn't so that I can say I’m not judging a book by its cover.

Surfing through a good book recommendation list and seeing what other personal finance and self care lovers are saying has been crucial to finding new reads.

Below you will find a growing list of book recommendations

Some books on this list I have already read two to three times and continue to glance through every now and then. The money tips and self love advice is just too comforting and encouraging to read once.

If you have any book recommendations you’d like to see added to this list feel free to comment below! Everyone can use a book suggestion no matter where they are on their personal finance journey or path to self-care.

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Below you can see the titles currently on my (growing) list of good book recommendations.

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  1. The Gift of Imperfection

  2. Unf*** your brain

  3. Don’t Feed The Monkey Brain

  4. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

  5. The Difficult Thing About Being Human

  6. You Are a Badass

  7. Atomic Habits

  8. Emotional Detox

Without further adieu lets dive right into my growing list of…

Amazing book suggestions

The Gift of Imperfection - Brene Brown

This is a great book for personal development, personal growth, and finding a path to living a wholehearted life.

Being independent is great but learning ways to cultivate a sense of belonging with the people around you and sit content with yourself, is where the magic is.

This reading list suggestion, is not just a self-care book with tips and advice, it’s an actual guidepost for getting your life together.

Whether you read The Gift of Imperfection chapters in order, skip around, or refer back to different areas of the book, you are digging deep and connecting with yourself.

Click to check out The Gift of Imperfection

Unf*** Your Brain - Faith G. Harper

This is a great book for mental health. Faith G. Harper manages to bring humor to serious topics such as the anatomy of the brain, dealing with anxiety, defining depression, and seeing how PTSD can be triggered by unprocessed events.

This book helps you to understand that all of your feelings (even the ones that feel icky like jealousy and anger) are valid.

UnF*ck Your Brain is equipped with ways to unlearn old habits, deal with freak-outs, avoid avoidance, and take back control of your life because you deserve it.

You’ll learn how to take care of yourself and prioritize your own healing. No matter how uncomfortable it may make others.

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