Beginners Guide To Investing: Opening an Account With Fidelity

Opening up a Fidelity brokerage account was a simple process. As a beginner investor or someone who wants to invest on a low income, finding a brokerage account that offers fractional shares will make your life a lot easier.

A fractional share is when you buy a portion of one whole share.

For example, if company X cost $100 for ONE share, you would be able to buy $10 of company X. Instead of owning ONE whole share, you would now be the owner of 0.10 shares. This concept is why beginner investors, who do not make much money, are still able to take advantage of using the stock market.

Investing for beginners: How to open an account with Fidelity

But why is it important to have fractional shares offered by a brokerage account?

It's because of the confidence boost and room to exercise what you're learning about investing.