Paying Yourself First is The Key To Financial Stability

Everyone can benefit from paying yourself first because being financially secure is powerful. It's the reason you can switch jobs without worrying about your bills being unpaid. Paying yourself first also establishes healthy financial habits that you can expand on. Setting financial goals and reaching those goals will take discipline and paying yourself first is the key to reaching them.

Paying yourself first is the key to financial stability
Financial Habits: Pay yourself first:

I'll tell you a little secret. I never paid myself first because when I tried in the beginning, I failed dramatically. I put too much aside without figuring out if this could really fit inside of my non-existent budget, and whether my lifestyle choices were equipped to handle this new found money saving tactic.

I placed paying myself first on the back burner for months, and even closed my savings account because I was not educated on how to use it properly. It's not hard to automate your savings, but it will take a bit of work on your end if you don't have a lot of funds in the first place or if you are living outside of your means.

You'll be investing in your happiness long term but it means deciding if what you usually purchase when you go to the store is worth it. In a lot of cases retail therapy isn't due to actually needing what we purchase but more for the feeling it gives us.

So, don't be discouraged at the idea of giving up weekly trips to Walmart and Tj Maxx. Keep reading to find out why you should pay yourself first and what a few benefits are.