Positive Thinking: 6 Ways to Shift Your Mindset

Positive thinking is when you can believe in something you can't see. It also is a great way to shift your mindset for the better.

Self-improvement starts with you and once you work toward being positive on a daily basis you start to feel better. The power of a mindset shift includes living a happier more productive life that you are proud of.

When good things start happening to us, we have to let go of the scarcity mindset that will inevitably hinder our progress. Once we stop being scared of doing the work needed to become the best version of ourselves, the world we live in starts to look brighter.

Young woman smiling. Being positive and thinking positive thoughts can lead to a mindset shift. Shifting your mindset is a great way to practice self care and see self improvement.
Shifting your mindset can be life changing

This post is in collaboration with Dareise A. Jones, who uses her gift of storytelling and teaching to inspire, heal and empower others through text.

Keep reading to discover 6 strategies that we both use to create and keep a positive attitude, despite the challenges that life has to offer.

Does positive thinking work?

Positive thinking works because no matter what our circumstances are, and what we are facing in the moment, our mindset is something that can not be taken.

Being positive begins with having positive thoughts and recognizing that it’s impossible to plan for everything.

It’s the reason why two people can be fired from a job and one feels as if they will never recover and the other is able to see it as a stepping stool.

No one can take your joy.

It’s like when you have a bad day at work and when your shift is over you decide to leave what happened at the door.

When you allow one bad interaction to not ruin your entire day, that is where you begin to see having a positive attitude in action.

Being positive can also mean that you look for spirituality when nothing else makes sense.

It means you pray, speak to the universe, call on the stars, have growth mindset conversations with yourself in the mirror, and believe with all of your heart that you can get through this.

How can you connect with your spirituality? You can pray, speak to the universe, believe in the stars, talk to yourself and believe fully that you deserve a good life. A better life with positive thoughts, positive actions and ultimately a positive mindset
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Remember when you were younger and life wasn’t going how you planned?

How you likely cursed, cried, yelled, stood speechless, crumbled temporarily, and wondered what was happening.

Reflect and remember that the person you are today made it through that rough patch and will make it to brighter days this time too.

Can positive thinking lead to a more fulfilled life?

Yes, because the key to wholehearted living is to believe that you can and will have the life you desire.

When we seek a peaceful mindset, indulge in self-improvement, practice self care, and allow ourselves room to grow without judgement, your mindset shift becomes the most riveting aspect of your life.

Positive thinking and a growth mindset can cause you to look at your financial situation and find strength to set financial goals.

It can also give you the strength to leave behind a lifestyle that no longer suits who you want to become.

Becoming your own positive thinking cheerleader can mean that you save yourself in the midst of feeling anxiety.

When a bad day at work or an argument with a supervisor goes from “Everyone always does X” to “That conversation with my boss was stressful. I handled it as best I could” this is a powerful example of a mindset shift.

How you see a hard day is something you can appreciate when it comes to a mindset shift.

It's the magic of your life in action.

What should I do to think more positively?

Begin your day with gratitude

Start your day by being positive.

When we wake up cursing the new morning air because we have to go to work or college or any other form of schooling, it sets the tone for our day. It’s easier to complain and feed our souls with misery than it is to make a change.

When we allow the first 5 minutes to be filled with morning gratitude in the form of prayer, affirmations or even acknowledgement that we woke up, we gain more control over our day.

Positive thinking in the morning is a great way to see your mindset shift.

Begin your day with purpose

Set intentions for the day.