Best Money Saving Tips For Your 20s

How to save money in your 20s is a questions every twenty year old will ask eventually.

To save in your 20s or while in college could mean cutting back on breakfast and skipping out on buying lunch in favor of budget friendly at home meals. It can also mean getting creative and brainstorming other ways to save money fast.

But the real key to saving money comes from more long term habit changes like automating your finances, paying yourself first, and learning to live off of less.

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Best ways to save money in your twenties

When you’re able to take $10 a week and save it for 52 weeks you will have $520 dollars.

Or even taking $50 a month and placing it away in a low yield savings account like chase or a high yield account like ALLY can give you more financial control.

It also pushes you to be comfortable with the idea of building wealth.

Keep reading to find out a few habits that I developed while in college that made saving money while broke a lot more manageable.

Key take aways:

  • Limit your spending and stick to a budget at all cost.

  • Surrounding yourself with positive money influences is crucial to avoiding FOMO.

  • Bring in more income

So where do we start when it comes to how to save money in your 20s?

Pay yourself first

For someone who is new to budgeting the concept of putting money aside BEFORE they pay bills can sound daunting.

However this strategy for saving money fast was introduced to you the very first time you worked for a company that took out taxes. Your 40 hours of working per pay period earned you $600 but post taxes you only ever saw $480 dollars.

You can open a savings account or save your money in cash just make sure you commit yourself to saving an amount from each check.

If you buy breakfast in the morning and it adds up to $10 a week that can be the first $10 you put away.

Shopping with the intent of not buying food out can save you a lot when done correctly.

Build a Community

Since joining Instagram as @BlissfulWallet I have learned so much along the way through the people I follow. The pages I follow center on financial literacy, practicing self care and self love, as well as building wealth through investing.

Surrounding yourself with people (even if it’s virtual) is a great way to build connections and figure out what you want to do in life.

Some of my favorite accounts at the moment to follow are

@Bear.andthebull (Simplifies investing and financial literacy)

@FinancialLioness (Promotes money awareness, investing and building wealth)

@YasmineCheyenne (Promotes mental health awareness #JudgementFreeZone)

@TheNewMoneyPodcast (Promotes financial literacy)

Below you will see screen shots of each of their pages in the order listed.