5 Self Care Tips I Wish I Knew in My Twenties

If you are struggling with fitting self-care into your day, you are definitely not alone, and these self-care tips can definitely help. But when you’re busy or stressed, it can be hard to believe it’s possible.

What’s more, if you’re like me, you might not fully grasp just how adaptable self-care can be.

5 Self-care tips I wish I knew

In my early twenties, my understanding of self-care was pretty superficial.

I was starting a career as a therapist and although I was educated in what it takes to foster good mental health, my awareness of how to implement it left a lot to be desired.

Before we dive into 5 must know self-care tips I wish I knew in my twenties lets discuss what my beginner self care routine was.


This is a guest post written by Hayley Gallagher, the creator of The Centered Parent Blog. Scroll to the end to read more about our guest blogger.