How to Stop Worrying About Money: 8-Step Plan

Wondering how to stop worrying about money, when you’re a naturally anxious person? Financial stress can keep you up at night, suck all the joy out of your days and even lead to anxiety-related health problems.

But you don’t have to live with it!

Why am I so anxious over money. How do I stop worrying about money. Anxiety is normal. How can I stop being anxious over money.

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Keep reading to learn how to tackle your finances and your anxiety about money, with self-compassion and a clear plan.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Chances are if you’ve googled “why am I so anxious over money?” you recognize that there’s a link between how you feel and your worries with money.

But let’s revisit some of the symptoms of anxiety so that you can see if there are any other subtle physical or mental signs.

Common symptoms of anxiety:

  • procrastinating on things that feel overwhelming and or cause anxiety (e.g. setting a budget)

  • emotional spending aka retail therapy

  • racing thoughts

  • problems sleeping

  • physical symptoms- stomach aches, headaches, weak immune system due to chronic anxiety

  • stress-eating or losing your appetite

  • trouble focusing or concentrating on daily tasks

  • feeling irritable for no obvious reason

How do you stop worrying about money?

If debt stress and budgeting issues are giving you any of the symptoms above, here’s an eight-step plan for dealing with the situation.

Tackle your money worries one step at a time and you’ll feel your stress levels go down, as you start to take back control.