The Simple No Budget Method for Easy Budgeting

Take the stress out of budgeting and adopt the no budget system. Prepare to take control of your money and secure the future that you desire. You don't have to go to college for accounting to learn the basic ins and outs of this simple yet effective budget trick.
Photography by Dellon Thomas [Nappy Co]

You know those memes that say "everyone hates math until their paychecks are short and then everyone turns into a mathematician." That was me.

That still is me.

And while there are many other budget systems that you can look into, this one allows for the most freedom, while giving you control over what is happening in your bank account.

Keep reading to learn how you can start budgeting without a budget, and what are a few things you should keep in mind before you begin.

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What is the "No budget" budget?

It is being able to add up all of your expected expenses within a pay period and subtracting it from your income.

The money that is left over is yours to do as you please.

Who is this method best for?

People who are uninterested in dividing their money into specific categories.

This is different than using Cash Envelopes for example where the entire budget system is built on categories. (Sinking funds, miscellaneous, fun money etc.)

Cash Envelopes - Separating your cash into different pouches. If there are $50 put away for groceries that is what you should spend.

Cons of this method