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This Is Why You Can't Save Money

The first time I wrote down all of my expenses I felt empowered.

Until I realized that the way I balanced my checkbook was wrong. Let me be specific, the method I used after organizing my finances, was wrong. It dismantled all the numbers and plans I wrote down on paper.

Yes, I had a “spend only 50 dollar" goal but it was pointless. I would still go to the store and buy $30 worth of goods while anticipating going out more.  

There are multiple misconceptions on saving money and how you should do it, but for now I only want to point out one.

You do NOT have to start off with a huge sacrifice in order to see changes in your wallet.

Okay, swapping store bought coffee with homemade coffee can feel monumental.

But i’m referring to picking up several jobs and never sleeping in the name of money. Keep reading to find out 7 reasons why your saving techniques are not working.

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You aren’t ready to save

Saving doesn’t have to be rocket science but you have to be willing to give something up. 

The freedom to buy everything you want, when you want it, is put on hold.

Mindful Technique

But when the little voice tempts you to dip into your piggy bank, remember that it’s temporary. The money you're stashing away will eventually be spent or invested.

The discomfort you feel and the negative thoughts swirling, can be tamed by seeing your debt go down, savings go up, and worries slowly but surely vanishing. Focus on the good.

Too much is coming out of your check

Pay yourself first- it sounds so simple. Deduct the money from your check and put your other expenses in whatever is left. 

But automated savings aren't for everyone

The only problem is that if you are living dangerously close to your means, this won’t work.

You’ll find yourself constantly borrowing from the money you have put aside because you didn’t change any of your spending habits. 

You didnt plan efficiently 

Did you write everything out so that it looked pretty or did you try to ensure that your saving technique could work?

Budget method

Add up your actual expenses and do not write down a random number, when deciding how much you will spend on X during the week.

Naturally, we stick to our routines. Figure out what you typically spend and then identify what modifications you'll make. 

You downloaded a bunch of apps and ignored them

I have a secret, I love setting reminders and clicking snooze.

Instead of downloading fancy apps, you can stick to old fashioned pen and paper and carry around a small notebook. 

Alternative to apps

My solution has been to modify a template found in Google Sheets. They have an expense tracker that adds up all the values you put in. You can even type in a minus sign [-] before the number and it will subtract it for you.

When you can see the progress it’s easier to use it as motivation

You fall into the debit/ credit card trap

Have you ever walked into a store and it said the minimum was $7 but you planned to spend less? Now you have two options:

Walk out empty handed or buy more things. 

Odds are you’ll justify the extra purchases if you don’t have cash. Everyone’s guilty of doing it at least once.

Extreme Treating of Yourself

It’s normal to reward yourself. Even those in debt should be able to replace an old, raggedy pair of shoes.

The problem lies in repeatedly buying something expensive.

Alternative mindset

Splurge on body wash that makes you smell like heaven and success, but skip the online web browsing. Catching a sale is not always saving money.

Your goals aren’t concrete

Stating that you're saving for the future works when you’re younger. The possibilities are endless. The money could go toward college, housing, a car, maybe an outrageously priced pair of Jordans. The world was yours. 

Set better goals

When you're novice to saving you should pick a thing to save for. Think big, plan for that new apartment. Think small, put money aside for your driving classes.

This will help you to combat the nagging old behaviors of spending more and saving less.

In Conclusion

When you have life being hurdled at you it’s easier to get wrapped up in buying happiness.

There’s control in buying what you want. 

But once you figure out where you fell short, it'll help you to move forward. There is not one person who did all of it right on the first try. Researching was for sure a step in the right direction, be proud of yourself.

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