Top Money Excuses That Are Stopping You From Saving Money

We all of guilty of looking for a excuse and reason for why something isn't going our way. Making your money last and saving should be your top priority no matter where you are in life.

Yet this is not a fact that many Americans can claim as their own because a high percentage don't know how much money they spent last month let alone how much they could have saved.

Recognizing theses excuses isn't to make you feel bad over your spending habits rather it is to show you some of the mindsets that are prohibiting you from leveling up financially.

An excuse often feels like a legit reason.

It relieves us of the responsibility of starting today instead of tomorrow because our income is low, our bills are demanding, and we just don't feel ready.

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Sometimes the words we speak and manifest become so routine and familiar that we don't identify them as a problem.

It's just another bill

This statement makes me cringe because after awhile it stops being true.

Your bills can multiply to where you are in a never ending pile of debt and you can't afford anything you want from the store, without risking being broke, until the next check.

Credit cards are not a supplement for an emergency fund and a lot of families are in a position financially where they have no choice but to see it as a back up income for a rainy day.

Curious. Is it really just another bill photo with credit cards swarming around head.
Is it really just another bill?

When you begin to live above your means and squeeze every last penny out of your check you begin to sacrifice things that the version of yourself in a few years would really care about

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Treating your credit card like its free money can ruin your credit temporarily and make it hard for you to get approved for cars, apartments, and other financial opportunities.